Thread: Water bill problem

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    Water bill problem

    Alright so I have most of the code written but the last part im not sure how to finish, I have to add in one more variable, I for industrial use, which is $1000.00 is usage does not exceed 4 million gallons; $2000.00 is usage is mnore than 4 million gallons but does not exceed 10 million gallons; and $3000.00 if usage exceeds 10 million gallons. This is what I have so far [code] #include // to read cin, cout #include "conio.h" #include using namespace std; // CONSTANTS const double HOUSEPGAL = 0.0005; //Constant for price per gallon on house const double HOUSEINIT = 5.00; //house initial price const double FOURMIL = 4000000; //Commercial amount for 1000 const double COMINIT = 1000.00; //Commercial initial price for water const double COMADDGAL = 0.00025; //Commercial price for additional gallon int getBill (char); //main int main() { //variables char x; double Gal; double result = 0; cout Gal; cout

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    it looks like you tried to use code tags. can you edit your post to fix the formatting? I think you're missing the closing code tag.

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    Nothing to see here, already cross-posted elsewhere -> Water bill problem - C++ | DaniWeb
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