Thread: Does the following code show undefined behaviour ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by manasij7479 View Post
    What I can't understand : how does returning a reference allow such corruption ?
    Quote Originally Posted by manasij7479 View Post
    The next, prev pointers are private.
    The data stored by them are public.
    Quote Originally Posted by manasij7479 View Post
    They are private.
    Returning a reference would only allow the modification of the 'value' of a node... or accessing the next node's reference.
    You're starting to make contradictory statements about your design. I either can get at the links because they're exposed or I can't.

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    .... That is because we are debating without the code ....
    Some of the facts did not translate accurately to my words !
    ... I'd (tomorrow) post the code in another thread ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by manasij7479 View Post
    ... I plan to have both ! ..
    Stick with iterators. No need to expose implementation details.
    It is too clear and so it is hard to see.
    A dunce once searched for fire with a lighted lantern.
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    He could have cooked his rice much sooner.

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