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    Question Operator Help Please

    I am trying to over load the insertion operator to work with a class. I want to use get() to load a character array inside the operator but I am having trouble. Here is a simple example to illustrate what I am trying to do in a larger program.
    #include <iostream.h>
    const int MAX = 30; 
    class Person 
    	int age; 
    	char gender; 
                    char name[MAX]; 
    	friend istream& operator >> (istream&, Person&);
    	friend ostream& operator << (ostream&, Person&);
    istream& operator >> (istream& in, Person& x) 
    	cout <<"\nEnter Age:";    in >> x.age; 
    	cout <<"\nEnter Gender:"; in >> x.gender; 
    	cout <<"\nEnter Name:";   cin.ignore(); x.cin.get(name,MAX);
    	return in;} 
    ostream& operator << (ostream& out, Person& x) 
    	cout << "\nAGE:";    out << x.age; 
    	cout << "\nGENDER:"; out << x.gender; 	
    	cout << "\nNAME:";   out <<;
    	return out;} 
    int main() 
    	Person p; 
    	cin >> p; 
    	cout << p; 
    	return 0; 
    I have tried this a few different ways, but obviously cin is not a member of Person so that's pretty much my problem. Am I just going to have write a member function to load this array or is there any other way around this. Thanks. MSVC++6.0
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    If your operator>> function is taking a reference to an istream, shouldn't it use that istream all the way through? Same for the reference to Person.

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