Thread: Does anyone know how to start this off?

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    Does anyone know how to start this off?

    Write a program to compute the grade for every student of a class. In addition, your program needs to output a summary report showing the total number of students, and the number of students receiving each letter grade. To indicate that all students have already been processed, use a number larger than 100 for the first assignment score of the student as the sentinel.
    In other words, if the score for assign. #1 of a student is larger than 100; your program should report the collected summary and then terminate.

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    Yes, this gets asked on pretty much a monthly basis, so search the board.

    But I would suggest you start with working out the grade for just one student to begin with.
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    I'd say start with a flowchart, then implement the case for one student, then two, and then N students.
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