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    C++ Syntax

    I am having trouble with some existing C++ that I have been asked to modify. Can someone please explain the following code to me please?

    extern "C" void SpiPutword( Uint16 w )
        Lcd().ProcessDataWord( w );
    I don't recall coming across funtion1().funtion2() before...

    The above code was taken from a VS2005 C++ MFC project. Basically it's suppose to be a test harness (PC emulator) for a touchscreen wall controller (ie., air conditioner wall controller).

    Any suggestions or advice would be much appreciated.


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    Lcd() returns an object that contains function ProcessDataWord().

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    Quote Originally Posted by skrep
    I don't recall coming across funtion1().funtion2() before...
    You might be more familiar with:
    x = Lcd();
    x.ProcessDataWord( w );
    The code you read merely eliminated the variable x by chaining the function calls.
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