Thread: Folder removing for an uninstaller

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    Folder removing for an uninstaller

    Um, i am sort of new at the whole file usae thing,and I need some help. I am trying to m ake an uninstaller type program that will remove the program i made. I want the whole folder to be gone. Is there a way I can do this? I know how to use the remove command, but how do I delete the entire folder not just asingle file. Help please!! !

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    theres a rmdir command in dir.h but it needs the directory to be empty plus there is the system()

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    Review header files: io.h, direct.h, and windows.h. Study up on findfirst(), findnext(), struct finddata_t, removedirectory(), deletefile(), remove(), and rmdir().

    Then write a routine that takes a path, e.g., c:\myProgramFolder\*.*, searches the path for all files and subdirectories, outputs file's name and deletes the file. Then, after all files are deleted, the routine backs out of the target directory and deletes it, then returns. As subdirectories are encountered, they are entered, searched, files deleted, and exited.

    Nothing to it!

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