Thread: Problems inputting char and strings

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    Problems inputting char and strings

    Hi everybody,
    I am trying to input a character and right away an array of characters...
    However once i input the character, it doesnt let me input the array character and the program ends...

    Consider this:

      char grade[4] ={NULL};
    	cout << "Enter grade: ";
    	grade[0] = cin.get();  // I am inputting character here but...
    	char a[100] = " ";
    	cout << endl << "Enter name: ";   // it just displays  message...
    	cin.getline(a, 80, '\n');   // program ends without letting me input
    Any suggestions?

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    Yeah, read what get actually does. It doesn't handle the newline character for you, which will make all line-buffered methods terminate quickly.

    istream::get - C++ Reference

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    At the cin.get() line, you enter a character and then press enter, the program will not progress until you press the enter key. So... that is at least two characters in the input buffer. The get command processes and stores the first character into grade[0] but anything else remains in the input buffer to be processed at a later time. When your code reaches the getline command there is still that leftover data in the buffer which at the very least will include a newline character. The getline command will then happily process whatever is left in the input buffer which has the side-effect of your code seeming to skip allowing the user to input the name.

    The solution to this is to make sure the input buffer is cleared of extraneous input prior to the getline call. There are many ways of doing this, one of the most common would be to call the input stream's ignore() member function after the get() call. This will throw away data in the input buffer so that it is cleared before you reach the getline command which should then behave as expected by waiting for user input.
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    Btw, NULL is a deprecated use reserved for declaring a null pointer. It is not supposed to be used for char arrays.
    (And just for reference, it the future, a null pointer will be declared by assigning nullptr.)
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