Thread: Allegro with Dev-C++ 5

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    Angry Allegro with Dev-C++ 5

    Everytime I try to compile a Allegro project in Dev-C++ 5 beta, it comes up with this:

    Building Makefile: "C:\Dev-C++\"
    Executing make...
    make.exe all -f "C:\Dev-C++\"
    Execution terminated
    g++.exe -o "C:\Dev-C++\testalleg.exe" -L"C:\DEV-C++\lib" -L"-lalleg_s -lgdi32 -ldxguid -lole32 -ldinput -lddraw -lwinmm -ldsound" -I"C:\DEV-C++\include" -I"C:\DEV-C++\include" -DALLEGRO_STATICLINK -g3 -mwindows
    G__~1.EXE: No input files

    Then when I try to run the program it says "Project is not compiled"

    I am using the template in the allegro tab in the new project thing. Why isn't this compiling?

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    Can you use Allegro in v4? If so, I'd go back to v4. v5 is still beta and everything might not work right at the moment. If it isn't sytax, post it here:

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    Wink Its not your fault

    The reason for this i believe is that Dev-C++ 5(beta) has a BUG. The reason i say that Is because Im use to using Dev-C++ 4 not 5 and when i updated to 5 i kept on getting errors and illegal operations. So if i was you i would go back to Dev-c++ 4 and then install Allegro package. Then creat a new Project using the Allegro DLL type not the other one .
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    I re-downloaded 4 because I accidently deleted the zip for 4

    Now I get this from the linker

    C:/DEV-C_~1/LIB/\libmingw32.a(main.o)(.text+0x8e): undefined reference to `WinMain@16'

    I am using a DLL Allegro Project. And yes I did put in END_OF_MAIN(); after my main.

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    Did you download the version with the compiler (9.8MB) or the one without the compiler (1.55MB)?

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    I d/l'ed with the compiler. And I'm not worried about 5 anymore, I went back to 4. So plz answer my question on the linker problem.

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    The DLL file..

    You need to drag and drop the Allegro.DLL file from the DLL folder with in the Dev-C++ folder. C:\\Windows\Dev-c++\DLL\allegro4.dll or something similar. then drag that icon into your WINDOWS folder with all those files about a doezen of them and try running the program again then it will run. If you dont see the allegro4.dll file then maybe you need to enable see all files, even system files.
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    it was just the code I was using. I made a new project and now it works.

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