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    In the Evidence Eliminator Help Documentation,
    it reports that sometimes Windows "keeps deleted filenames buried within the directory structure of the hard drive". How can you examine the directory structure and find these deleted filenames?

    Is there any other information left over by files after they are deleted/overwritten?

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    Here is what happens with a computer. When you delete something, it is left intact and tells the computer that the memory can be overwritten. Therefore, files or their pieces are actually on the computer until they are overwritten.
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    Is that how the old DOS undel.exe program works, by taking it and making it not "over-writable"?

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    When you delete a file, what happens is the first letter of the file name is deleted. Therefor nothing points to it. As time goes on, the space were this file is over writen making it no longer posible for someone to recover it.
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    Yes, I understand that it tells what areas on the hard disk can be overwritten, but my question involves information on the file that is never cleared. When the file is deleted, it must be overwritten, but if the filename is not removed from the root directory, it will never be overwritten.

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