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    Exclamation linked list question

    I was looking for help in a linked list problem I am having in C++. I wanted to create a linked list that contains a node that references a dataObject and also references another linked list. This allows for a a linked list that can extend infinitely at every node. Does anyone
    have any sugestions or source code that pertains to this- or even another datastucture that can serve the same purpose.

    My problem with coding it is, that my linked list includes a node which includes a dataobject and another linkedlist(itself). This gives me an error. There must be a way around this.


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    a list can be an object just like any other. The implementation of the algorhythm you are proposing sounds like a list of lists, so yeah I think it is possible, but it might not be straightforward, and I've never tried it.

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    make a array of pointers (Ex: int **array then allocate the pointer (Ex: array=new int*[7] this will make a array of pointers to a array of pointers(i hope you understand its a tuff subject) you dont have to use the "7" it could be a varable taken from the user. the you need to make the arrays that the pointer arry points to like this:
    for(int i=0;i<7;i++)
    	array[i]=new int[5];
    this will make the 7 array point to a array of 5. I think you can make it a linked list instead of the array 5 youll have to play with that. hope this helps. Good luck.


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