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    I got a question. I've been told that some filenames may remain in the root directory even after they are deleted. How can I view/clear these names? Is there a special program necessary?


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    Files are stored at memory addresses associated with the storage medium, e.g., hard disk, floopy disk, CD ROM, etc.. A directory is a file containting pointers to file memory addresses.
    When you delete a file (a.k.a. document) or a directory (a.k.a. folder) all the OS does is disassociate the pointer with the file or directory. The data remains on the disk until it is overwritten during the course of normal operation. There is special software for recovering this data as there is special software for sterilizing the disk that contains the data to render it unrecoverable.

    If you need to recover data, contact a specialist in your area.

    If you need to sterilize your disk, the cheapest way is to reformat the disk. There is no guarentee of success though.

    Sterilizing is also best done by a specialist. However, it is best not to put compromising data on your machine.


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