Thread: arrow keys, ctrl and alt keys

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    arrow keys, ctrl and alt keys

    I need help with using arrows and the ctrl and alt keys.
    how do I use them (Specific Code, ASCI)

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    how to use the keys

    Ok, this is pretty easy. First, you need to define the keys that you want to use:

    #define UP 72
    #define DOWN 80
    #define LEFT 75
    #define RIGHT 77
    #define ENTER 28
    #define ESCAPE 1
    #define CONTROL 29
    #define L_SHIFT 42
    #define R_SHIFT 54
    #define WIN 91
    #define ALT 56
    #define TAB 15

    Now all you need to do is use them as variables for example:

    int Direction=getch();

    if (Direction==UP)

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    Or you could do a board search and look this up....its not as if its never been asked!

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