Thread: C++ Tutorial Order Confusion

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    C++ Tutorial Order Confusion

    The past few weeks I've been following the C++ tutorials at the cprogramming website in order (Clicking the "Next Tutorial: *name*" link at the bottom of each tutorial to go to the next one.)

    After tutorial number 20, there is no "Next Tutorial" button. That slightly confused me, so I went to the tutorial index, found the name of tutorial number 20, and clicked the one after it (Tutorial #20 is Inheritence Syntax in C++, and the one below it in the index is Initialization Lists in C++). I realized quickly that every tutorial after the Inheritence Syntax tutorial number 20 had stuff that flew way over my head, using terminology and syntax that I didn't understand at all. For example, in the Initialization Lists tutorial, part of the example code declares a variable of type "T":

    class my_template
                    // works as long as T has a copy constructor
                    my_template( T bar ) : _bar( bar ) { }
                    T _bar;      << What is that?
    And in the next tutorial, C++ Class Design, the tutorial talks about declaring virtual and non-virtual functions. Neither of those concepts (T variables and virtual functions) mean anything to me.

    Can someone just explain the order that I read each tutorial in, starting right after tutorial #20?


    EDIT: Just in case it isn't completely clear, the reason I don't understand either of those concepts, or several others that have appeared in other tutorials, is because the C++ Tutorials up to that point had not explained those to me yet, which is why I'm wondering if that is the right order to be reading the tutorials in.

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    You should read the tutorial on templates in C++ to understand that part. Unfortunately, there appears to be a typographical error, possibly caused by importing the example into HTML. The first line should read:
    template<typename T>
    This also explains what T is: a type name.
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    Okay thanks, I'll look at that tutorial. That helps me with the "T" variable.

    But is there anyone who can explain the order of the tutorials for me?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bonnet View Post
    But is there anyone who can explain the order of the tutorials for me?
    I believe the webmaster is the one who put the list together, perhaps he would be able to answer your question for you.
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    Thanks for the heads-up, that is definitely a mistake in the formatting. I've reordered the tutorials a little bit to try and make it better (so that initialization lists comes after templates, for example). Please let me know if you run into any other examples like this.

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