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    Executable program

    So what I am looking for is a program that will either run immediatly once the computer
    has begun booting up OR a stand alone application that has only one button. What i want
    this program to do is fairly simple (i believe) however I have NO idea where to begin.
    What i'm looking for is a program that will be able to access my computer Device Manager
    and "Scan for hardware changes". So this is what I would like help with:

    1- Executable that runs immediatly once computer is turned on
    2- Standalone desktope icon


    a program that will be able to execute the "Scan for harware changes" button in the
    Device Manager window

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    You looking to hire someone?

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    in all seriousness, all i REALLY need is to know how to execute the "Scan for hardware changes". I can manage the rest

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    I think you should be looking at some scripting. Programs such as AutoHotKey and PowerShell and the like may help you more.
    Quote Originally Posted by Adak View Post
    io.h certainly IS included in some modern compilers. It is no longer part of the standard for C, but it is nevertheless, included in the very latest Pelles C versions.
    Quote Originally Posted by Salem View Post
    You mean it's included as a crutch to help ancient programmers limp along without them having to relearn too much.

    Outside of your DOS world, your header file is meaningless.

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    If you're willing to live with a program that has one button which does the scan, why not just open Device Manager at startup and have that one button be the one you normally press to do the scan?

    You can set that up by running this from an elevated command prompt:
    schtasks /create /TN HardwareScan /sc onlogon /tr "start devmgmt.msc"

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