Thread: Console Text Scrolling Help!!

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    Console Text Scrolling Help!!

    Hi Guys

    Im in the situation where you select a menu option in my program and it then lists about 10 items of data, the problem is that it causes the console to scroll because the data cannot fit in one pane of the console, is there a way in which i could make the program prompt the user for a keystroke to scroll to the next page of data if the data is too large for a single pane of the console.


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    Yes, you write a pause routine using getc, getchar, or kbhit.

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    And you can use gettext and puttext to scroll, ie read a rectangular area with gettext and write it in another location with puttext, then write a new line in the end or in the beginning.

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    Yes i know you have to pause the program, but how do i know if its going to scroll the console because it wont fit ?

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    Will you be using a static number of things listed? In that case you can make it pause after you list a certain number of items, then display the rest. You can do this by trial-and-error.

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    Well i wrote my own routines for fields and some other cosmetic stuff on a console screen.

    what you want to do is if you have multipul fields (ie. 6 lines of text which can be scrolled past a specified length on the screen) then you need to have current focus on the cursor line, and when it goes to scroll, it exits the function and updates the positioning parameters of each field (ie. all 6 fields). that will properly scroll a set of lines on a screen without problem.

    Ive used it dozens of times and works great... but make sure you are the one controlling the cursor position as well as positioning parameters.

    hope that answers ur quesiton... and helps...
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