Thread: create a simple program using linked list

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    create a simple program using linked list

    I need to create a simple program using linked list only.Anyone please help me in this regard.It's very much appreciable if you could can do the program.

    Make a simple schedule program which can control appointment and cancel days. To simplify programming, you have only five days, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. Also you must use linked list programming method, and other approaches will not take a credit.
    Please refer to the below sample screens, and start to make a program with C++. First, you use linked list programming method, and then make a user enter list screen in DOS command asking three choices, 1: to insert an arranged day, 2: to delete an arranged day, and 3: to display all arranged day(s). Second, your program makes a correct output according to user selection and input activity. Other error controls are expected. For example, what if user inputs 3 during when there is no input arranged day.

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