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    What's the output

        int x = 10 ; 
        void main( ) 
             int x = 20; 
             ::x = x + ::x; 
             cout <<x; 

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    Why don't you test yourself and find out ?
    Did you forget that we're not compilers ?

    The program will fail to compile if you use a decent compiler.
    (NOT the one from the stone ages that you're using)

    It is
    int main(), not void .
    <iostream> instead of <iostream.h>
    std::cout instead of cout. (or a using namespace std; statement)
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    First of all, it wont compile: it's std::cout (or you can put "using namespace std;" after the include) and you should be including <iostream>, not <iostream.h>.

    I'm not going to tell you the output would be if it compiled, because it looks like this is homework or something and there's a policy about not handing out homework answers on this forum. Either deduce what the output should by taking into consideration the scope of each x variable, or get it to compile by fixing it.

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