Thread: Is it possible(another one!) to 'define' an operator() from a function pointer?

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    Is it possible(another one!) to 'define' an operator() from a function pointer?

    I was wondering if the above was possible since it would reduce some layers of redirection in my code.
    class Operator : public token
        //Operator(std::string input);
        Operator(std::string input,int p,Assoc a);
        Operator(){};//DUMMY..remove later
        int prec;
        Assoc assoc;
        void operator()(std::vector<token*>& instack);
    Operator::Operator(std::string input,int p,Assoc a)
        this->prec = p;
        this->assoc = a;
        &operator() = opmap[input]; 
        //This is erroneous ..but illustrates what I'd like to do.(Note that there isn't any mismatch
     //in type of the functions. Also, opmap is map mapping strings to function pointers.)
    What I have now for the operator()
    void Operator::operator()(std::vector<token*>& instack)

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    Well a function pointer uses the operator () to execute its own code. You're not going to get away from that. I mean you could look at function pointers as a type that defines operator () and you aren't allowed to overload it for the same reason you can't overload operators on other built-in types.

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