Thread: Finding libraries in Windows

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    Finding libraries in Windows

    I am trying to add a target to my makefile to compile the project in windows using MinGW. Whenever I try to compile, it compiles all of the object and then tells me all the libraries cannot be found, specifically fltk, Xext, Xft, lfontconfig, Xinerama, dl, and X11. So does this mean that my -L is wrong or my -I? For -I, I just have

    INCLUDE_W32 = -IC:\MinGW\include
    and for the -L

    LDFLAGS_WIN32 = -LC:\MinGW\lib -LC:\MinGW\libexec -LC:\Python26\tcl\include\X11 -lfltk -lXext -lXft -lfontconfig -lXinerama -lpthread -ldl -lm -lX11
    I think its my -L that is wrong. I figured the libraries would be in there. I did a search for 'X11' on my C: and there was an X11 folder in C:\Python26\tcl\include, but that doesn't seem right to include that. But I tried putting that folder in different places in the mingw folder and changing the -L accordingly, but nothing worked. For windows, is there a specific folder all of these lirbaries would be in? My guess was C:\Windows\System32, but that did not work. If not a specific place, how can I find these in the system? Is there a place online to get them? I have tried just googling 'x11 libraries' 'get x11 windows' etc etc, but couldn't really find anything. Thanks for any help.

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    -lm is doomed to failure on Win, as it is part of the C runtime there.

    In any event, you're looking for lib, not include, so maybe -LC:\Python26\tcl\lib or something similar.

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