Thread: Reading blocks of binary data into a vector<unsigned char>?

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    Reading blocks of binary data into a vector<unsigned char>?

    Instead of
    while(vec.size() < 65536 && (ch = stream.get(), !stream.eof()))
    Is there any elegant way of doing that?

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    Instead of reading one character at a time, read BUFF_SIZE characters at a time.

    You can also directly query the stream buffer:
    streambuf * pbuf = stream.rdbuf();
    streamsize sizeOfBuffer= pbuf->in_avail()!=0? pbuf->in_avail(): BUFF_SIZE;
    /*in_avail gets the expected number of characters available after an underflow, or number of characters in buffer.*/
    In either case you use the value to determine how many characters to read in each loop iteration.
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    It is possible to use stream iterators.
    I don't remember the exact syntax, but that might help you on the way:

    std::copy(std::istream_iterator(stream), std::istream_iterator(), std::back_inserter(vec));
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