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    Unhappy Get to First Record

    Hi All,
    I have a question that has been bugging me for a day now.
    I need to get to the First record in a table in Access. I am using the following line of code...

    DataSource1->DataSet->First ();

    And I've tried others.....

    DataSource1->DataSet->FindFirst ();

    but this for some strange reason leads me to record 16!

    Can anyone help!!! This is cracking me up!!


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    1,595 seems to be a good spot for help with MS products, if no one here responds in a resonable period of time.

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    DataSource1->DataSet->First ();

    DataSource1->DataSet->MoveFirst ();

    I think FindFirst finds the first record that satisfies a set criteria.
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    Thanks guys,I'll check them out tomorrow.

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