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    Recursion Help

    I am reading about recursion and I understand that it there is two versions of it: indirect and direct and understand that part however when I try to apply recursion to a problem (involving fractions) I get confused and start getting ........ed off how i cannot wrap my mind around it...

    Any ideas on how to learn this?

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    Write your answer without recursion to begin with.

    There really isn't anything mysterious, it is just a function call disguised as a loop.

    Eg, two strlen functions.
    int mylen ( const char *s ) {
      int i;
      for ( i = 0 ; *s++ ; i++ );
      return i;
    int mylen ( const char *s ) {
      if ( *s == '\0' ) return 0;
      else return 1 + mylen(s+1);
    In the case of strlen, the base case is when the length is zero, and the answer is therefore "obvious".
    Otherwise, the recursive step is to solve part of the problem (string is at least 1 char long), then call recursively to work out the length of the tail of the string.
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