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    Reading ram contents

    Hi members,
    Now a days i am bit confused as i wanna read the contents of ram through c programming. I have made a little search and i came to know about some functions like absread(). I know that this may be a mind boggling question as operating system will also be sharing the ram at same time and if i read the content of that part it may create a big problem for me.
    i will be highly obliged if anyone can help me in my question.

    waiting for a quick response from senior members.

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    Modern operating systems are specifically designed to prevent user programs from arbitrarily accessing memory (or directly accessing hardware). They do this because user programs that can read or write to memory can do harmful things, such as crashing the operating system, violating privacy of other users of the system, etc etc.

    absread() dates from the time of MS-DOS, which was not designed to prevent user programs arbitrarily playing with memory. Modern windows operating systems can execute quite a few MS-DOS programs (through designed backward compatibility) but will typically terminate those programs that attempt to arbitrarily access memory.

    And since such questions tend to come from people who are seeking to hack into the system or other user space, I'll leave further discussion alone.
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