Thread: A book example I can't get to work...

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    A book example I can't get to work...

    This example writes binary data to a file. It prompts for a record #, name, age. Everything works except I'm getting garbage for the age.

    Here's the code:
    #include <iostream>
    #include <fstream>
    using namespace std;
    int get_int(int default_value) ;
    int main() {
    char filename[MAX_PATH + 1] ;
    int n = 0;
    char name[20] ;
    int age = 0;
    int recsize = sizeof(name) + sizeof(int);
    cout << " Enter filename: ";
    cin.getline(filename, MAX_PATH) ;
    // Open file for binary write.
    fstream  fbin(filename, ios::binary | ios::out);
    if (!fbin) {
    cout << "Could not open " << filename << endl ;
    system(" PAUSE" ) ;
    return - 1;
    //  Get record number to wri te to.
    cout << "Enter file record number: ";
    n = get_int(0) ;
    // Get data from end user.
    cout << "Enter name: " ;
    cin.getline(name, sizeof(name) - 1) ;
    cout << "Enter age: " ;
    age = get_int(0) ;
    // Write data to the file.
    fbin.seekp(n * recsize) ;
    fbin.write(name, si zeof(name) - 1) ;
    fbin.write((char*)(&age) ,sizeof(int)) ;
    fbin.close() ;
    system("PAUSE" ) ;
    return 0;
    #define COL_WIDTH 80  // 80 is typical column width
    // Get integer function
    // Get an integer from keyboard; return default
    //  value if user enters 0-l ength string.
    int get_int(int default_value) {
    char s[COL_WIDTH+1] ;
    cin.getline(s, COL_WIDTH) ;
    if (strlen(s) == 0)
    return default_value;
    return atoi (s) ;
    I thought the problem might be with this line(10):

    int recsize = sizeof(name) + sizeof(int);

    where sizeof(int) should be sizeof(age)

    and this line of code as well:

    fbin.write((char*)(&age) ,sizeof(int)) ;

    where sizeof(int) should be sizeof(age)

    I made the changes and tried it and the same garbabe for the age output.
    Any ideas why this isn't working?

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    How are you reading the data back in to see that it's not working? (Note that since you are using write, the contents of the file are not human-inspectable.)

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    How are you looking at the file to determine whether it worked or not?

    If you're using a text editor, you will see "garbage" because you're writing binary files.

    You need a hex editor (see Hex editor - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia) to correctly view a binary file.
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    Sorry, it also prompts to enter a file name. I've been entering c:\test.txt.

    Then just check the file. The record spacing seems to work and the name I enter works, the age is just the only thing.

    maybe I shouldn't give the filename an extension. Let me try that.

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    I don't think the extension matters. What matters is what you're using to read it in. If you are using "you" to read it in, then that's a problem. You need to write a program that reads it in, or learn how to read hex as Salem mentions above. (For instance, if you type in an age of 65, do you see A in your file? That would be a good thing if so.)

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    There was a second example that showed how to read out the file from my first example. When I tried that it worked. I guess I didn't understand the difference between binary data and text data.

    I also downloaded a free hex editor (Hex Editor Neo) to view the files and all seems to make sense now...well sort of.

    Thanks for the help guys.

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