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    quick question about getline

    hi, i have a little question about cin.getline and cin.get...

    char seleccion(){
        char opcion[5];
            if(strcmp(opcion,"new") == 0) return 1;
            else if(strcmp(opcion,"show")==0) return 2;
            else if(strcmp(opcion,"mod")==0) return 3;
            else if(strcmp(opcion,"del")==0) return 4;
            else if(strcmp(opcion,"exit")==0) return 5;

    the problem is that after the first time the getline function doesn't allow me to enter anything, it just fills the string with a newline

    like if i do this

    char something[5];
    cout << something << endl;
    cout << something << endl;
    cout << something << endl;
    what i get is

    can please anyone tell me why this happen and what can i do to solve it?

    (sorry if it's hard to understand, english isn't my mother language)

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    I'm not sure why it's happening, though I suspect it's because there's not enough space in opcion to hold the newline and a terminating nul, so the newline is left in the stream.

    In any case, don't use C strings.
    #include <string>
    int seleccion(){
        using namespace std;
        string opcion;
            getline(cin, opcion);
            if(opcion == "new") return 1;
            else if(opcion == "show") return 2;
            else if(opcion == "mod") return 3;
            else if(opcion == "del") return 4;
            else if(opcion == "exit") return 5;
    Note that I also changed the return type to int. There's no point in using a char there, and it's confusing.
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    If you are writing in C++ you really are better to use the 'string' type instead of char array, unless you have a very good reason not to, and personally i would change while(true) to your own named boolean variable.
    Also with the string type you can avoid using the old c strcmp() function, and instead use the built in or even the == operator which is available for the string class. You can see a very handy reference on the string class and all it can do for you here, y tu inglés esta bien...(taking a guess there!! :-> "opción??")
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