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    Hello everyone..

    I want to write a code which can light a LED bulb through a parallel port.
    I don't have a big knowledge in c++ programming.
    And very little knowledge in parallel port programming.

    Can anyone help me out with this?

    I'm using windows 7,Visual Studio 2010.Do i need any kind of driver to control the parallel port?
    Can i get this work done by a USB port?
    All i need is to light a LED (Basically output a voltage level high and low)


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    You can certainly do it over USB with something like a FT232, but you'll have to design a circuit for that.

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    For programming the parallel port, a good start is here.

    I assume you know how to construct a circuit with a LED and resistor in series from a parallel port pin to earth. Bear in mind that drawing too much current from a parallel port pin is a good way to blow the parallel port.
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    check this out too

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