Thread: cout char is a number

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    cout char is a number

    Hi all, I'm trying to print off a grid system in c++.

    My problem is that whenever i try to add to the ascii number it prints off as a number instead of the letter/symbol

    Here is a snippit of my code
    char start = 'a'
                cout << (char)start+1;
    As you can see I'm tried casting, doesn't work.

    In addition the start++ doesn't work.

    Thank you in advanced.

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    Try (char)(start + 1). Actually, it would be easier to just print start and let the start++ do its work for the next iteration.

    Wait, there is no loop. So perhaps you should increment start before printing; I don't know what exactly you want to do.
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    Ah thank you. I figured why start++ wasn't working.

    I needed to make start a static char.

    Thank you anyway.

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