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    Question Defining an Array

    I am writing a merge-sort algorithm program for school. The pseudo-code says that I have to create an array 'L' and array 'R' with a size that is determined by calculations done with some array indices.

    I could basically hard-code in some large arrays.

    However, is there a way of doing the calculations and then inputing the result into the array declaration...

    //example of function
    MERGE(A,p,q,r)/*where A is array, p is first indice, q is lower bound mid-point, and r id last indice*/
    n1 = q - p + 1;
    n2 = r - q;
    int L[n1];
    int R[n2];

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    You could do something like this:

    n1 = q - p + 1; 
    n2 = r - q; 
    int *L = new int [n1]; 
    int *R = new int [n2];

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