Thread: "Filtering" a buffer(a std::deque here)-Which method is better?

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    "Filtering" a buffer(a std::deque here)-Which method is better?

    What I did..
    for (auto temp :mybuffer)
             <do something with temp>
    mybuffer = newbuffer;
    And what I thought could work better but could not find a way, without using an invalid iterator.
    1.Iterate through the extent of the original size of 'mybuffer'
    2.instead of pushing the temp 's which do not satisfy some_condition into a new buffer, push them on the back of my_buffer itself .

    Are the two ways essentially same, or is the later better(In that case, suggest an elegant way of doing so)?
    Or is there a process even better ?

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    I would consider if one or more standard generic algorithms could come in handy here. Things like std::remove_if and std:artition come to mind.
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