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    Question glaux.h

    Dear Sirs;
    I am a novice but making progress.
    I use the dev_cpp IDE simply because it worked straight away.
    I typed the Robot code and the g++ compiler give me numerous preprocessor directive errors. I downloaded glaux.h from a website and I got the same error messages.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated
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    You can't just download a single .h file and hope it will work.

    You need a whole set of files.

    In dev-c++, there is a menu option called devpak (IIRC), which allows you to download interesting additional libraries. You need to grab the glaux one.

    When you've got it, you might find you have a new project type when you do new->project. If you do have "new glaux project", then choosing that and then copying in your code will save some fiddly work.

    Or a direct link if you want to explore yourself.
    OpenGL category in devpaks repository

    TBH, you should get Code::Blocks as this is the more up to date (and maintained) work-alike successor project to dev-c++ (which is now unmaintained).
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