Thread: While statement with getline and strcmp to break

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    While statement with getline and strcmp to break

    Hey All,

    Can someone please have a look at my code below. its the while statement in particular that i'm a little confused about. i've used strcmp to compare the text retrieved from getline to break out the while loop.

    if(strcmp(input_text , "@@@"))

    However, regardless of what i type it breaks out of the while loop.

    If i change the statement to

    if(strlen(input_text) == 0)

    It works a treat and breaks out when i dont type anything.

    Code below

    #include "file.h"
    using namespace std;
    #define MAX_PATH 99
    int main()
    	char file_path[99];
    	char file_name[99];
    	char file_extension[9] = ".txt";
    	char file[99];
    	char input_text[199];
    	cout << "Where would you like to store your file: ";
    	cin.getline(file_path, MAX_PATH);
    	cout << "What would you like to call the file: ";
    	cin.getline(file_name, MAX_PATH);
    	strcpy(file, file_path);
    	strcat(file, file_name);
    	strcat(file, file_extension);
    	ofstream fout(file);
    		cout << "Invalid file" << endl;
    		return -1;
    	cout << "You are now editing the document" << endl;
    		cout << "Please type <@@@> to exit";
    		cin.getline(input_text, 199);
    		if(strcmp(input_text, "@@@"))
    			fout << input_text << endl;

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    strcmp() returns zero if the strings compare equal. Your code is breaking out if they are not equal.

    It would probably be a good idea to check the state of cin, in case an error occurs.

    Also, it would be a good idea if the length of file was > 99: strcat()ing strings of length 99 potentially yields a string with length more than 99. There are generally also delimiters in paths (for examples, slashes) that your code should enter if the user does not.
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    Perhaps you should consider using std::string for all your input. It would avoid all the buffer overflow issues you have at the moment.

    Then at the point you NEED a char array of some sort, you do this
    ofstream fout(file.c_str());
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    Yeah, i much prefer std::string to c-string. But the book i'm following is being persistent with the old c style strings. So i'll stick with it for the moment, i think.

    Grumpy, some good tips. thanks

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