Thread: pseudo-random number generator problem

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    pseudo-random number generator problem

    Hi guys im trying to make my own pseudo-random number generator from the algorithm below using the kent chaotic map.

                 { x(n)/m,  0 < x(n) <=m
    x(n+1)= {
                 {(1-x(n))/1-m,  m<x(n) <1
    where 0<m<1 (m could be 0.7 for example and all other variables could be anything)

    I've tried playing around with loops for example but cant get it working:

    #include <iostream>
    int main (int argc, char * const argv[])
       	double m = 0.7;
    	double x[10];
    	double k = 10;
    	int n, Chaotic_map;
    	for (n=0;n<k;n++)
    	for (m<x[n]<1)
    		Chaotic_map= x[n]+1=(1-x[n])/(1-m);
    	printf("%d", Chaotic_map);
        return 0;
    But im still lost, Any ideas??

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    Some URL's to where these things are described would be useful.

    Don't assume that we
    - know what a "kent chaotic map" is
    - can be bothered to do a lot of legwork (*n cross-posts) to find out
    - can possibly work it out from the non-compilable code you posted.
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    If you remember that the right side of a piecewise-defined function should have the word "if" in it, then you're golden:
    if x[n] <= m then
        x[n+1] := x[n]/m
        x[n+1] := (1-x[n])/(1-m)

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