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    class function declarations

    I'm having trouble with where I write the actual implementation for my functions. If I include them within the class braces, I can instantiate a class object from another .cpp file fine. However, if I move them out of the classes braces and just leave the prototypes, I get linking errors. I can leave them outside of the braces only if I declare them all inline (like they were when they were in the braces).

    Here is my code:
    #include <iostream.h>
    #include <stdio.h>
    class MP3File {
            FILE * mp3file;
    	bool initialized;
    	int bitRate;	
            MP3File(FILE * file);
    	bool parseHeader();
    	bool hasBeenInitialized();
    	void printHeaderInformation();
    inline MP3File :: MP3File(){ initialized = false; }
    inline MP3File :: MP3File(FILE * file)
            mp3file = file;
    	initialized = true;
    inline bool MP3File :: parseHeader()
    	bitRate = 50;
    	return true;
    inline bool MP3File :: hasBeenInitialized()
    	return initialized;
    inline void MP3File :: printHeaderInformation()
    	cout << "Header information" << endl;
    	cout << "Bit Rate: " << bitRate << endl;
    How can I eliminate making them inline but still be allowed to instantiate an MP3File object from another cpp file?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Remove the inline keyword and in the other files where you call them, redeclare each function as extern.

    My best code is written with the delete key.

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    Would it look like :

           extern "C++"{
                    MP3File :: MP3File(FILE * file)


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    Including the header file instead of the cpp file fixed it. Why does that make a difference to the linker?

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    Because the compiler compiles together the.cpp's,
    You must inlcude the .h's

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