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    Complex input

    Hi, I am writing a program to perform nodal analysis and I need complex input for phasors and impedances. I have declared the variable and I want to read its value from standard input:
    complex <float> VoltageSource;
    cout << "Enter voltage source value: " << endl;
    cin >> source;
    Hovever the only way for it to accept a complex input is if I write it in the form:
    My question: is there any way to make it read "2 3" or "2+3i" to give me 2+3i? Is there a way to read only to the real or imaginary part of a given complex variable? VoltageSource.real and VoltageSource.imag give me an error, so I concluded that they are probably used for output only.

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    int main(int argc, char** argv)
    	std::complex<float> complex;
    	std::cin >> complex._Val[0] >> complex._Val[1];
    	std::cout << complex << std::endl;
    Allows for the first form "1.2 6.2" for instance. For the second form, read in a string and parse it.

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    Is there a guarantee that the members are public? I couldn't find one, but I may be looking in the wrong place.

    It's tempting to tell your users "write your input the right way darn it".

    Silly code example because why not:
    complex<float> bob;
    float x, y;
    cin >> x >> y;
    stringstream foo;
    foo << "(" << x << "," << y << ")";
    foo >> bob;
    cout << bob;

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    Hmm you are correct in that i couldn't find a guarantee for them to be public, however temporary floats and using the constructor that takes two complex::value_type would serve the same purpose.

    To set the real and imag parts just use operator= with a temporary std::complex where you have set real and imag to the value you either want to keep or to change.

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    std::complex overloads stream operators, so you should be able to do
    std::complex<float> complex_num;
    std::cout << "Enter complex number: ";
    std::cin >> complex_num;
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