Thread: Code Blocks vs Windows settings?

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    Post Code Blocks vs Windows settings?

    Goodday all,

    I am running the tutorial from this site to gain a little bit of insight into C++
    Now when i enter " into Codeblocks it won't show anything, so far nothing new, default windows behaviour which i like to be able to easily add special chars like etc..

    I get the " by hitting the right button and then press space to get the " alone without affecting the next letter i type..

    But in Code blocks it will generate this: ""
    That means i have to keep looking back and edit it..
    Is there any way this can be prevented without turning the feature off in windows?
    And frankly, i even forgot where this function is since it is turned on by default ^^
    OS: Win7 Ulti 64Bit

    *edit, i see that the program automatically places the closing tag..
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    Settings -> Editor -> General settings -> Indent options: Brace completion (uncheck)

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    Cheers for the swift feedback, turned it off now

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