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    help me in resolving these questions

    1. Write a program which finds the factorial of a number entered by the user. (check for all conditions) (Beginner).

    2. Develop a program to convert currency X to currency Y and visa versa (beginner).

    3. Write a program that print out the following, user will input the top number:

    4. Write a program that print out the following, user will input the bottom number: *
    ** *

    5. Develop a program that uses a randomly generated number to select 1 of 3(or more)
    functions to show the user. (Beginner)

    7. Create a program which generates Fibonacci series till a number 'n' where 'n' is entered by the user. For eg. if the user enters 10 then the output would be: 1 1 2 3 5 8 (Beginner)

    8. Determine how many of the characters are vowels and how many are consonants in a given line of text. Also terminate the string when the input character encountered is other than the alphabets. (Beginner).

    9. Perform 4-letter WORD UNSCRAMBLING i.e. List all possible combinations of 4-letters in a word. Ex: The word 'TEST' can be unscrambled as TEST,TETS,TSET,TSTE,TTSE,TTES,etc. (Beginner)

    10. Make a program that allows the user to input either the radius, diameter, or area of the circle. The program should then calculate the other 2 based on the input. (Beginner)

    11. READ a line of text and WRITE it out BACKWARDS using RECURSIVE Function. (Beginner)

    12. Write a program which reverses the numerals in an integer, that is 326 becomes 623, etc.. (Beginner)

    13. Write a program to simulate a simple calculator. It should accept two number from the user along with the required operation to be performed. Addition, Subtraction, Division and Multiplication are the basic operations that should be implemented. Feel free to implement the other operations (Beginner)

    14. Determine how much money is in a piggy bank that contains several 50 paise coins, 25 paise coins, 20 paise coins, 10 paise coins and 5 paise coins. Use the following values to test your program : Five 50 paise coins, Three 25 paise coins, Two 20 paise coins, One 10 paise coin and Fifteen 5 paise coins. (Beginner)

    15. Create a simple Palindrome checker program. The program should allow the user to enter a string and check whether the given string is a palindrome or not. Only digits and alphabets should be considered while checking for palindromes -- any other characters are to be ignored. (beginner)
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    That's easy, you read

    this -> Forum guidelines

    and this -> Homework policy

    Then you make AN EFFORT to solve them yourself, rather than running from tutor to the nearest web browser to dump your assignment on us while you go and waste your life away on the beach/in the bar.
    If you dance barefoot on the broken glass of undefined behaviour, you've got to expect the occasional cut.
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