Thread: Fast 1D to 2D Array Copy

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    Fast 1D to 2D Array Copy

    Can anyone suggest a fast method for copying a 1d array to a 2d array, I'm currently doing the following but seems slow and would like to speed it up some? Is it possible to use memcpy to do this same thing?

    buffer_p = malloc(MAX_CAPTURE_LENGTH);
    x = 0;
        for (j = 0; j < captureLength16; j+=2)        
            data_matrix[0][x] = *(buffer_p+j);
            data_matrix[1][x] = *(buffer_p+j+1);

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    In the memory, an 1d array is same as a 2d array.
    Correct me if I'm wrong...but you can use 2d indices wrt to any array.. Wouldn't that eliminate the need for copying?

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    What are the data types?
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    In this case, memcpy isn't going to be good for you, since you are changing the order of things. If you get your 2D array switched so that the x was first and the 0/1 was second, then you'd be somewhere.

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    Why are you using malloc in C++?

    Why do you need to copy?
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