Thread: compiling the fftw3 library through Makefiles

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    compiling the fftw3 library through Makefiles

    Hi everyone,

    I'm working on adding FFT's to my program. I'm using the fftw3 library, and everything compiles fine, but every time I run the program it crashes, giving me the error:

    undefined symbol: fftw_plan_dft_1d
    I was able to circumvent this using the -lm and -lfftw3 commands while compiling directly, but now that I am using makefiles to create my programs I don't know how to link the libraries to the program. My Makefile is very, very long and complicated (600 lines; it's an edited RTXI file), but my looks like this:

    CLEANFILES = moc_*.cpp *~
    include $(top_srcdir)/Makefile.buildvars
    pkglib_LTLIBRARIES =
    LIBS = $(HDF_LIBS) 
    data_recorder_la_LDFLAGS = -module -avoid-version
    data_recorder_la_SOURCES = \
    		data_recorder.h \
    nodist_data_recorder_la_SOURCES = \
    # MOC Rule - builds meta-object files as needed
    moc_%.cpp: %.h
    	$(MOC) -o $@ $<
    I tried adding -lm -lfftw3 to the LIBS line, and also tried adding the actual library file (/disk/media/fftw-3.2.2/ to the LIBS line, but I only ever got an -fPIC error (could not read symbols: Bad value).

    Any help I could get on this would be greatly appreciated!

    Thanks! Mike

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    It would appear you want to read Linking - automake

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