Thread: Mingw32 and C++ exception handling.

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    Mingw32 and C++ exception handling.

    This question is not about SEH and is not homework.
    I'm reading the book "Teach yourself c++ in one hour a day".
    Here we have a simple code here from the book
    // trying and catching
    #include <iostream>
    using namespace std;
    const int DefaultSize = 10;
    int main()
        int top = 90;
        int bottom = 0;
            cout << "top / 2 = " << ( top / 2 ) << endl;
            cout << "top divided by bottom = ";
            cout << ( top / bottom ) << endl;
            cout << "top / 3 = " << ( top / 3 ) << endl;
        catch ( ... )
            cout << "something has gone wrong!" << endl;
        cout << "Done." << endl;
        return 0;
    That code compiled with mingw32 4.5.2 crashes. Compiling it with ms VC++ express 2010 gives the correct answer. What is wrong here? What am I missing with mingw32?
    I read some other threads in this forum, but I didn' t found an answer to this question.

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    Division by zero results in undefined behaviour. It does not guarantee that an exception will be thrown.
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    VC++ has structured exception handling (SEH) that I believe it uses to implement standard c++ handling.

    SEH handles divide by zero, standard exception handling does not.

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    Thank you.
    You both are right. I just checked VC++ configuration and without SEH it crashes too.

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    /EH (Exception Handling Model) - If you don't specify or use EHa, catch(...) will catch SEH exceptions as well as regular C++ exceptions. If you set it to EHs, it'll only catch C++ exceptions and you'll have to use __try and __except to catch SEH ones.

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