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    C++ GUI programming books

    Can anyone recommend a useful book that clearly shows methods of creating GUI programs using C++ (things like Notepad++ for example). One that assumes sound knowledge of basic console C++ including classes etc. (which I have) but step by step instructions on form controls and usual GUI components (not the likes of DirectX or OpenGL, that can come later).

    If some have been mentioned on here, just give a link.


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    There is no one single book for this. It all depends on what framework you wish to use to program with. I have previously recommended Qt for GUI programming in C++. Other examples are wxWidgets and gtkmm. These all have the benefit of being crossplatform so you can get a gui that works on both windows and linux and they are all targeted for C++. Now the native framework on windows is the Win32 API (consult msdn, platform sdk documentation and theForger's Win32 API Tutorial for more info) but this is C oriented and does not use the features of C++, also more down and dirty.

    Edit: There are alot of resources available for all of these toolkits, tutorials and reference documentation. I would suggest you look around, check out sample code for different apis/frameworks and try them out a little to see which one fits you. You might even find that you don't really need a book and that tutorials/reference documentation is enough.
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