Thread: visual studio probelm i think

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    visual studio probelm i think

    when i complie i get this message now
    C:\Program Files (x86)\MSBuild\Microsoft.Cpp\v4.0\Microsoft.CppClea n.targets(74,5): warning : Access to the path 'D:\3rd year project entity ver 1 - Copy\Debug\GraphicsAssign1.exe' is denied.

    this is my debug running exe
    this is what visual studio created in the first place, but it cant seam to over write it
    and i have tryed manually to delete it but with no luck , it says that it cant

    any idea whats wrong here

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    Are you sure you stopped debugging? If your program is still running in the background, it' executable file cannot be overwritten.

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    Like nvoigt said, check your running applications. Most likely your exe is not ending. I've had this problem before. Mine had to do with multiple threads and at least one of them taking a while to end. Poor code on my part. Fixed the code, fixed the problem.

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    I have had this happen before, sometimes when I have still had the program open from previous debugging, as others have said. I have also had this happen randomly and after recompiling it again it has worked. Also I have read somewhere that this could be cause if your AntiVirus\Malware programs are interfering, so if you still haven't solved this try disabling your security applications and rebuilding.

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