Thread: Multi Character Constant.. how to correct the error? 3:

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    Exclamation Multi Character Constant.. how to correct the error? 3:

    The problem is multi-character constants. how can I assign/compare multiple characters in a variable?
    	if (ElemSym=='He')
    				cout<<"Name: Helium"<<endl;  
    				cout<<"Symbol: He "<<endl;
    anything to do with the declaration? I used the simple "char" declaration..
    Thank you in advance to whoever will help..

    I'm using Dev c++, since the Visual Studio c++ returns an error due to a limit on the codes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tinray Reyes View Post
    	if (ElemSym=='He') // single quotes
    				system("CLS"); // double quotes
    Notice the difference. C++ isn't JavaScript and the two aren't interchangeable. Single quotes go around a single character to make a char, double quotes go around any number of characters to make a const char* string. Also if you're using "the simple "char" declaration" you'll need to do one of these things:
    1) Use strcmp to compare the strings instead of ==
    2) Change ElemSym to be a std::string

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    A char can only hold 1 character, to hold more than one character you would need to use std::string (preferred) or a C-string. If ElemSym was defined as a std::string then you could compare the strings using the comparison operator '=='. To use C-strings you will need to use the comparison functions available with the cstring header.


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