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    Exclamation what is wrong with this line?

    Somewhere in my program, I have written the following line but it gives the error: vector subscript out of range and I can't figure out why.

    if(!(list_of_queues[matches[k]->FirstQ]->empty()) && list_of_queues[(matches[k])->SecondQ]->empty())
    "list_of_queues" and "matches" are both vectors of pointers. "FirstQ" is an attribute of class "a" which is stored in vector "matches" as "a*".
    the interesting thing is that I have written the following code before this one and it gives no errors on that.

    if(list_of_queues[matches[k]->FirstQ]->empty() && !(list_of_queues[matches[k]->SecondQ]->empty()))
    can somebody plz tell me what is wrong with that?

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    That would suggest that one of your vector subscripts is out of range. If the first has problems and the second doesn't, that may come from the short-circuit evaluation of && -- if the left side comes out false, the right side just doesn't happen. So if, somehow, matches[k]->SecondQ is a bad subscript, you wouldn't necessarily get an error if the FirstQ check fails.

    You should run your program in a debugger and see what the values of k, FirstQ, and SecondQ are when this all happens.

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