Thread: passing pointer to member function that is const

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    Question passing pointer to member function that is const

    my problem is the following
    let's say we have a class MyClass:

    class MyClass {
    int val;
    bool check(int) const;
    bool MyClass::check(int i) const {
    return i==val;

    and a global function f:

    void f( bool (*g)(int) ) {
    cout << (*g)(3) ;

    now what I would like to be able to do is to pass MyClass::check to the function f.

    simply doing


    is not working because the compiler complains it cannot convert 'bool (Myclass::*) (int)' to 'bool (*)(int)'
    and I don't want to make the member function static because it has to access non static attributes. also I don't want my global function to be bound to any specific class (it should only take a function that accept a int and return a bool)

    does anyone know how to solve this problem?



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    class Checkable {
      bool check(int i) const=0;
    Make the function virtual. Any class that you want to be able to check should implement the Checkable interface. Then, change the signature of f to something like this

    void f(Checkable* g);

    Here, while you can do this with any class you write (just make it support Checkable interface), you can't pass functions to it.

    Alternatively, you could use templates

    #include <iostream>
    bool retFalseFunc(int i) {
     return false;
    class EqualityFunctor {
     int privInt;
     bool operator()(int i) const {
      return i == privInt;
     EqualityFunctor(int i) : privInt(i) { }
    template <typename func> void f(func g) {
     std::cout << "function like thing g returns " << g(2) << " when passed a 2 " << std::endl;
    int main() {
     return 0;
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    Thanx A LOT
    i didn't think about the templated solution which is exactly what I needed.

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