Thread: stack error for a char array

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    stack error for a char array


    I have a socket client running which has a char array of size 512 mentioned. I have a loop to receive the message from the server, when the loop exits I am getting the following error.

    Windows 64bit.
    VS 2010

    Run-Time check failure #2 - Stack around the variable 'recMessage' was corrupted.

    int STRLEN = 512;
    char recMessage[STRLEN] = "0";
    ClientSocket sockClient;
    sockClient.ConnectToServer( ipAddress.c_str(), port );
    sockClient.RecvData( recMessage, STRLEN );
    int counter = 0
    while(counter <= 10){
    	sockClient.RecvData( recMessage, STRLEN );
    	cout << recMessage << endl;

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    just wanted to confirm that the message I am receiving from the server is less than 200 characters.

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    You would need to post the code for sockClient.RecvData as well.
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    int STRLEN = 512;
    char recMessage[STRLEN] = "0";
    This is not valid C++ code.

    Also, the error message says you have a buffer overrun.
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