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    Socket Manage

    I'm a contributor of the open-source/free the mana world game.
    My goal is to be able to identify packet sniffers (or anything else sending data to the game server IP and port that is not the game client).
    I'm looking forward to find a header that will allow the game client or a child-background process to keep an eye on any outgoing connection to the game server IP and port, and being able to find where it is coming from and possible deny/shut down it, would you know any library or ways to do so?
    Thank you for your time

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    But if it's open source, what stops anyone from hacking the actual game client from doing whatever they want?
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    Only way I could see accomplishing this on an open source project would be to obfuscate the code and hope they aren't that determined.
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    Indeed that'd be troublesome, I didn't think of it.

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