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    Need some help with this program

    So, I am required to make something that adds and substracts two 16 digit numbers, each of them composed of two 8 digit numbers respectively.
    This needs to be done using integers only and using only If, switch or for.

    what I have till now is this
    #include <iostream>
    #include <iomanip>
    using namespace std;
    int main()
      int number1l, number1r, number2l, number2r;
      int suml, sumr, diffl, diffr;
      char ope;
      cout << "number 1:";
      cin >> number1l >> number1r;
      cout << "number 2:";
      cin >> number2l >>  number2r;
      suml = number1l + number2l;
      sumr = number2r + number2r;
      diffl = number1l - number2l;
      diffr = number2r - number2r;
      if (sumr > 99999999)
     else if (diffr < 99999999)
        {  diffl--;
      cout << setfill('0');
      cout << "sum:"  << setw(8) <<  suml << setw(8) << sumr;
      cout << "diff" <<  setw(8) <<  diffl << setw(8) << diffr;
      return 0;

    It all goes fine but somehow in the end I end up getting wrong calculations.

    If i put 11111111 11111111 and 22222222 22222222
    i get 3333333344444444 as sum and 1111111210000000 as difference.
    What am i doing wrong here, any help would be appreciated.

    Edit: Nevermind, found out what was wrong :/
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    If you look carefully you aren't actually adding the right things.

    number1r adds number2r, number1l adds number2l.

    This finds the right sum for the specific problem you mention, though I don't know what you would do for a carry.
    The same mistake is repeated for minus.
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