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    Compiling C++ on Pelles C....

    For anyone who may be interested I've just posted an AddIn and Wizard on the Pelles C forums. These will allow you to integrate the VC++ compilers supplied with the Windows SDK into Pelles C.

    The integration is 90%. It compiles code and uses most of the IDE's functions, but there are a couple of C specific IDE functions that (obviously) don't work on C++ code...

    The big plus is that it gives you a full suite of Resource Editors so you can integrate dialog, menu, accellerator, string, manifest, message, icon, cursor, etc. resources into your C++ projects. (to get this from MSVS costs a wheelbarrow full of money)

    If you'd like to try it you can get Pelles C at ...

    smorgasbordet - Pelles C

    The AddIn is here...
    C++ for POIDE... Wizard and AddIn (32 and 64 bits) (membership required to download)
    You can get it on direct download from ... HERE (Read the forum post first)

    It's experimental.. it was fun to write... I hope you find it useful.
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    Didn't try it but new IDEs are always fun.

    By the way, any reason why you chose to target it for MSVC instead of MingW? Just curious.

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    Yep... the command line flags for Pelles and VC++ are almost identical which allows you to use the standard Pelles C Project Options dialog. I put in a flag masher that will replace certain flags if they're found, but I only used it on like 6 flags for all 4 programs.

    As I mentioned earlier the big deal is that this gives you access to a full set of resource editors that are totally absent from the free and lowest priced versions of Visual Studio. For a Win API programmer, resources are a big deal...

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