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    C++ Assignment

    Below is my lab assignment. Can anyone help?

    Write a program to perform a simple calculation for addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division with the following conditions:

    1. The program shall read a command line form a file of commands & print out the output.
    2. The input file is the following:
    ADD 2,3
    SUBTRACT 5,2
    MULTIPLY 2,5
    DIVIDE 10,2


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    What do you have as a solution so far?

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    ;_; I'm tired of people posting their assignment and expecting people to write it for them...

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    This might help, especially the second post.

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    Do you know how to read from a file?

    Do you know how to use enumerated types, or strcmp(), or some other method whereby you can convert the word in the command line into an action?

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    have you done ANYTHING at all by yourself??

    The only thing you will achieve by writing a "please do my assignment for me" post is annoying the hell out of people.

    Make some effort to do it yourself, and post specific questions when you have problems. This forum is designed to help people figure out specific things, not to let complete morons like yourself post assignment questions and not have to do any work by themselves.

    If you THINK about it, you might just realise how simple it is!!
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