Thread: Templates don't inherit typenames? (GCC specific)

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    Templates don't inherit typenames? (GCC specific)

    I'm porting a program over to gcc, and I get the following error quite a bit:
    foo.cpp:7:2: error: ‘type’ does not name a type
    foo.cpp:7:2: note: (perhaps ‘typename A<xii>::type’ was intended)
    foo.cpp:8:15: error: ‘type’ has not been declared
    with this code:
    template <typename foo> class A {
          typedef int type;
    template <typename xii> class B: public A<xii> {
       type ham;
       void cheese (type *) { }
    int main (void) {
       return 0;
    I have found that I can workaround the issue by adding this typedef to class B, but it is cumbersome for classes inheriting large amounts of typedefs.
    template <typename xii> class B: public A<xii> {
       typedef typename A<xii>::type type;
       type ham;
       void cheese (type *) { }
    Anyhow my questions...
    1) Is there a less cumbersome way for me to pull in all of the typenames from the parent template A into B?

    2) Where can I find the actual C++ specifications for this behavior?

    Specifically, this is occuring on gcc version 4.5.1

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    All I can say is that this is standard compliant. That is, gcc is doing the correct thing here.
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    I can't remember the wording but it's something along the lines of 'If it doesn't depend on the template parameter, base classes aren't used in the name lookup'. The C++ FAQ Lite explains it. It also applies to functions from the base class too which can lead to much fun (read: pain) if you have a nice combination of people who don't know about it and non-compliant compilers

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    The reason why this is so is because templates can be specialized. Just because the template class A contains the typedef, doesn't mean some specialization of A will contain it. It may be missing, or it could have some member variable named 'type'. You need to be explicit about it, which is what you are doing when you say "typedef typename A<xii>::type type"
    	if (a) do { f( b); } while(1);
    	else   do { f(!b); } while(1);

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